You’re welcome in this digital corner of Swen. His mind, his fascination is based mainly on everyday things, little details that most people are missing because they do not have time for it. These aspects are especially reflected in his shirts. From trashcans to grabbing dogs, from carrots to clickos.

Swen Pennings (1983) is a multidisciplinary artist based in the south of The Netherlands. He graduated in 2006 at MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts). By using stencil and realistic airbrush techniques he creates unique & timeless pieces. But everything starts with the most simple artist tool, the pencil. Drawing is his biggest passion. One of his quotes is “Life without a pencil is pointless”. Escape your reality and dive into the absurd world of Swen.

Swen strives to convey his vision. This vision means we should not forget anybody. On the backside of the shirt is “Swen”. With this, the designer wants to point out that everyone is actually Swen, so we should never forget each other. -Don’t forget about Swen- is about you! Or about your neighbour, your fellow man. It does not matter what background this person has, both ethnic and educational, both financially and materially. In the end, we’re just the same person with an “insane” imprint on our shirt, or maybe it says something?

Apart from offering shirts, there are several things in the shop. For example, prints of drawings, mainly based on Mother Nature, originated by evading Western society. In the world of -Don’t forget about Swen- is the core of absurdity but also fascination for nature. Fascination for detail, everyday things. A form of holiday of reality.

With this we wish you a lot of fun with the tour of this newly born urban webshop. As we are still in our infancy, our motivation is huge and we will do everything we can to help you.

Mankind rages over time, like a freaking fly in search of a leftover bite. One is no longer silent with everyday things. One does not enjoy any inconvenience.